New JetSweep Project to Launch!

Jet Lift Systems tool housing sea can has landed in Oman! This tool house will be a “home away from home” for a couple of our employees as they start our first JetSweep horizontal well cleanout project next month. This will be our official “first launch” of this technology in the Middle East and we are expecting very positive results. This will be a great jumping off point for our jet pump technology expansion into the Middle East market. 


Sea Can Tool House


We have also successfully installed our 3rd jet pump system for an aggressive junior E&P company in southeast Saskatchewan as we have had some pretty phenomenal well results with our first few installs. Currently, we have signed a contract with a new customer and are building a new pump skid for the Duvernay field with deployment by late Q3.

Jet Pump Install

Jet Pump Install

We have been really looking forward to be able to share some pretty encouraging news about Jet Lift Systems. We continue to see very exciting results and growth with our current customers and our potential seems to be inching closer and closer to some international success in the near future.  


      Shanon Crews
     Finance and Administration Coordinator