SREP has partnered with Quantum Downhole Systems and CJS to create a patent pending wellbore clean out technology. This has revolutionized the well bore cleanout and production testing sub sector of the oil and gas industry. Combining a specifically engineered jet pump with a newly designed multiple conduit coiled tubing. One of the main functions of this technology is to create a suction at the pump intake. This allows the operator to remove both solids and/or fluid from a well bore in an under-balanced fashion. This technology was designed to address many problems seen today as we develop under-pressured reservoirs as well as using horizontal well designs. The processes and equipment previously used to clean and evaluate wells of low pressure or horizontal nature are moderately successful and quite often economically unfeasible. With hundreds of successful operations completed, the systems have an impeccable success rate. These systems have been useful in gathering key data points, while remaining economical. Quantum’s technology allows E&P companies a unique solution to production and completion challenges.

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