Surface Equipment

SREP designs and builds its own range of specialized and fit for purpose surface drive packages for jet pump completions. Ranging from low cost low horsepower models to large, multi-pump systems, these packages come with a range of options to suit the application.

Surface EquipmentSurface Equipment
Drive Power Options:

  • Electric
  • Electric with VFD control (variable frequency drive)
  • Diesel
  • Natural Gas

Surface EquipmentSurface Equipment


SREP builds a range of pump skids capable of delivering 15 HHP, up to 300 HHP. Besides using triplex pumps where appropriate, SREP are the exclusive rights holders for using diaphragm pumps for our jet pump installations. Diaphragm pumps are a unique pressure pumping technology which eliminates the packing seals used on conventional plunger pumps. As such, there are no external moving seals and therefore less chance of surface system leaks. There are also fewer equipment erosion concerns when pumping fluids containing trace abrasives.

Our systems are built to ASME B31.3 standards, and each one undergoes an extensive series of run test prior to shipping to ensure its performance before being deployed.

Surface EquipmentSurface Equipment

Skid Features

Most of the skids built by SREP for the Canadian market are fabricated as heated and insulated packages. Some are constructed as “walk-in” style while others are in self-contained enclosures with service access panels. As required, the packages are built to a Class 1 / Division 1 standard.

Below are examples of commonly built SREP packages. Roll over each image to enlarge:

System Controls and Shut-downs

SREP surface packages come with a range of control systems, aimed at minimizing operator input and ensuring that the system works in a safe, controllable manner. Control features include:

  • Pressure Select Control (PSC): allowing the operator to run the system at a fixed output pressure
  • High / Low Pump Discharge Pressure: sets the package to run within an acceptable pressure range – shutting down before the PSV limit is reached, or if there is a piping integrity failure
  • High / Low Pump Suction Pressure: prevents pump starving and suction overpressuring
  • High / Low Oil Level: shutting the system down in the event of an oil level condition change – preventing equipment damage
  • Pump Vibration: monitoring and shutting down in the event of excessive pump vibration
  • Spill Containment Level: a shut-down system integrated with the spill sump in the floor of the equipment package
  • Discharge Rate Display
  • Other Options:
  • H2S monitoring
  • Line ESDs
  • Oil cut monitors
  • Etc